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Lomira Police Department’s abandoned vehicles and refuse (junk) ordinance information

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Ordinance Information

Village of Lomira Police Department’s helpful ordinance information

Signs of an Abandoned Vehicle
When looking for an abandoned vehicle, officers will look for vehicles that are not moved regularly or not at all.

Most abandoned vehicles will:

  • Have flat tires, no tires, or be up on jacks
  • Have leaves, trash, or snow all around it indicating that it hasn’t been moved in awhile
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Expired plates

Abandoned vehicles often end up being stolen vehicles, or are abandoned because they are going to be repossessed and the previous owners do not want the company to find the car.

But my Car has Valid Plates & Insurance
Although your vehicle has valid plates and insurance, it still needs to be moved on a regular basis. If it just sits there, the street sweeper cannot clean the gutter in that area and it could get plugged up with debris.

Vehicles that are left sitting also tend to leave large oil spots on the street.

Throw it Away!
In an effort to keep our Village looking clean and neat, it is important that all trash be deposited in the assigned dumpsters in your neighborhood.

Public nuisances include but are not limited to old cars, parts, construction materials, abandoned furniture or household appliances, and many other items that may have outlived their usefulness. If you have a large item (i.e., couch, mattress, etc.) for pickup by the Sanitation Department, please do not leave it by your dumpster. Call the Sanitation Department/Waste Management at (888) 960-0008 to schedule a pickup.

The Village of Lomira holds an annual Spring Clean-Up. Residents are encouraged to use this time to dispose of various household items in addition to yard trash. During this time, residents may utilize the bulk waste drop-off day held in May at no charge.

Let’s all do our part in keeping our Village beautiful!

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How can you be a part of our K9 Campaign?

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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