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Crime Prevention2021-08-21T04:46:33-05:00

Lomira Police Department’s

Crime prevention tips

Lomira Police Department’s Crime Prevention goal is to reduce crime through education and heightened awareness of our surroundings.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Crime prevention tips.

Lomira Police Department’s crime prevention tips every homeowner should know.

Tip 1: Eyes of a Burglar2021-08-20T07:43:27-05:00

Walk around your home with the eyes of a burglar. Look for weaknesses–sliding glass doors that could be jimmied off the track, glass that could be broken to gain entry, window unit air conditioners that could be easily removed, and so forth. A committed burglar can usually find a way into a house, but you can make it more difficult for them, and this starts with knowing your property and potential entry points for a break-in. Take a walk around the outside as well and note what pricey items are in view, tempting would-be burglars.

Tip 2: Lock it2021-08-20T07:44:07-05:00

Some homeowners unknowing create an easy target for burglars by leaving the doors and windows unlocked or open. Remember to lock the doors and windows. Also lock the door leading from the garage to the house, even if the garage door is down. (It’s easy to manipulate.)

Tip 3: Don’t hide a key2021-08-20T07:45:31-05:00

One day, you forget your keys, and you decide it’s a good idea to hide one under the doormat or one of those fake rocks. That’s a terrible idea. Get rid of that idea right now, and pretend you never even considered it. Give a spare key to a neighbor instead. If you absolutely must leave a spare key outside, put it in a combination lockbox

Tip 4: Mailbox and wall plaques2021-08-20T07:46:46-05:00

Limit the information you put on your mailbox. Don’t display your whole name on the mailbox or exterior wall plaques. It’s easy to look you up, find your phone numbers, maybe even your workplace, and begin to track your movements or assume your identity.

Tip 5: Secure windows and sliding doors2021-08-20T07:47:29-05:00

Many sliding doors can be popped off the frame, even when locked. Prevent this by placing a strong steel bar or two-by-four in the back groove, which prevents the door from sliding along the groove and opening.

Place either an auxiliary lock or pin in the door frame. You can do the same with windows.




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